Hey there, Traveller.

Courtesy of facebook.com Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong. Wow! That is a mouthful. You may not know who that is, but you know his alias Black Sherif. The twenty-year-old Ghanaian rapper who's been living rent-free in my head (and yours) for the past few weeks. I'll admit, I had been seeing all the buzz about … Continue reading Hey there, Traveller.


Hey guys. How've y'all been? Happy New Month btw. Hope this month brings us all we wish for. This is a lirru apology post, I'm so sorry I haven't been too consistent lately, had some challenges but hopefully, that's all taken care of now. I'll try my best to be more consistent. In my introductory … Continue reading Hellooooo

Suzanna wants you to know she’s happy…And you should be too.

Culled from Google, courtesy of Feminism in India. Ben-Aimé Baraza and his group stole our hearts with their melodies, instruments, production and beautiful voices. Since 2009, we've been reminded why they're the biggest musical act from Kenya and one of the best bands in Africa. If you're a huge Sauti Sol fan, you already know … Continue reading Suzanna wants you to know she’s happy…And you should be too.

To All The Women…Because I Love Em.

Dearest, Aunty. Sis. Mum. Cousin. Niece. Grandma. Baby girl. Hot chick. Atarodo. Boss bitch. Somebody's baby. Jehovah's blessed child. Woman. Culled from Google. Courtesy of eduware.com It's 8th March again. Another day for those emails and messages from your bank, companies you work with, friends, partners... you name it. It's the day to honour you. … Continue reading To All The Women…Because I Love Em.

Self Preservation or Blatant Racism

Culled from Google War. Just as old as mankind. In every documented history, there are tales of wars long lost , won and brought to a trace. War surprisingly comes with his blessings, such as technological advancement but brought about genocide and displacement of societies amongst others. Wars emerge from multiple causes with different aims. … Continue reading Self Preservation or Blatant Racism